As long as I can remember I have been interested in animals and their natural habitats, especially aquatic ones. At a young age, drawing and building scale models captured my attention too, soon followed by spaceplanning and interior design.

Although I never stopped studying these interests, I have been occupied quite some time by (partly parallel) careers in construction, maintenance, systems design, sports education and two years Psychology study at UvA.

This study fuelled an interest in how we perceive and are influenced by our surroundings. At that time though, the study was excluding any phenomena that supposedly could put the scientific prestige in danger. I preferred a more holistic, awareness-based approach, so I decided to continue to study on my own. This led me to the nowadays more widely accepted fields of Positive Psychology, Extra Sensory Perception, Quantum Physics and Deep Ecology. It made me want to put the theory into practice for the well-being of humans and nature alike.
So in 1997 I started to pursue a professional career in interior design and "trompe-l’oeil” (eye deceiving) painting combined. Following my Interior Design Education and a 4 year course in traditional painting techniques, I specialised in ecological design and naturalistic paintings and murals.
I strive to create a beneficial, attractive environment for the inhabitants or users of the space, combined with optimal ecological sustainability. I enjoy to promote well-being, spread ecological awareness and leave this world a better, more beautiful place for generations to come.

I hope that, at sometime, I can be of service to you too.
Cas van der Sluijs