Buying or commissioning a painting

All the available paintings in the gallery are priced in euro's, when a painting is not priced it is either commissioned , or an already sold piece. The available original paintings can be viewed at the studio by appointment, or at running artshows & exhibitions.
If you would like more information, want to place a commission, or want to buy one of the available paintings out of the gallery, please call 06 83 20 94 16, mail me at , or fill in the form on the contact page with the request. I will then contact you to work out the details.

With your purchase or commission, you will help to create a world where nature matters.
On top of that my paintings and murals can also provide in general:
  • a colorful decoration of your space
  • a sense of enhanced spaciousness
  • a warm, kind and natural atmosphere
  • a unique, handmade and durable piece of art
And even more specific benefits for living spaces, company spaces, schools or care facilities and hospitals.