I aim to co-create the best possible living space for the client and those in its care. A space that supports the way of living and the current life purpose of the inhabitants. A functional and aesthetic pleasing environment, with regenerative properties, where one feels at home.

I like to work on a basis of mutual trust, respect and individual responsability. I communicate fluently in Dutch or English and, if desirable, I can make illustrational sketches, scaled work drawings or maquettes by hand. If you want to learn how to tackle a task, or need hands-on support with bigger tasks, I will gladly be of assistance.

If, after reading this, there is a wish for co-operation, I will help you to make an estimate of the expected duration and costs of the project. When the outcome is agreeable with your budget, I will support you to my best ability to realise the envisioned result. 
 If you would like more information or want to place a commission:

Please call 06 83 20 94 16, or mail me at casvandersluijs@gmail.com .
I will then contact you to work out the details.